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4 Delicious Cheap Beer Cocktails

By February 2, 2017 Beer


Pictured above is UC Santa Barbara 🙂

It all started with a 30 rack of Busch Light…  


As a recent college graduate, you could say that I have had my fair share of mixology lessons in the past few years. I went to UC Santa Barbara which is not only (in my biased opinion) the prettiest campus EVER but also the most creative when it comes to having fun. Living on the beach, going to one of the raddest schools and being within 1 mile of all of my best friends was most definitely the best college experience I could have asked for and I must say that I took away some valuable knowledge from that piece of paper that costed $30k+ (my diploma). And when I say valuable knowledge, I mean the best mixed drinks you’ll ever try.

My roommates and I were always looking for new yummy cocktails that we could sip on while watching the sunset and simultaneously shoving burritos in our faces after a long day at school. I am sure that you are not a stranger to the fact that cocktails often require a lot of random ingredients and with us being broke college students, we had to become crafty with recipes that we would find online. One ingredient that we consistently always had in our fridge was cheap beer. This made us eager to discover breakthroughs in other people’s bougy cocktail recipes and replace ingredients with our never ending supply of Busch Lights.

Below, you will find a few of the best cocktail recipes made with cheap beer that me and my poor roommates invented. They might sound weird but if you are broke, brave, and wanna be bloated- give them a go!

The Isla Vista

    • Vodka
    • Lemonade
  • Beer

This cocktail was created when literally all we had in our fridge were these three ingredients in our fridge (and a 2 day old Domino’s pizza). It is easy, simple, and the beer just adds a little bit of oomph with the carbonation. Combine ingredient amounts based on preference.


How did I graduate again?

The Del Playa

    • Champagne
    • Orange Juice
  • Beer

The Del Playa was created at my best friends 22nd birthday brunch. We had started the morning with plain old mimosas but then started to run low on our ingredients. Therefore we decided to whip out some of our endless supply of cheap beer to add into the drinks in hopes of elongating the mimosa party. The beer actually just takes off a little bit of the sweetness from the mimosa which made it a little easier to drink. Combine ingredient amounts based on preference.


My backyard was kinda pretty..

The Gaucho

    • Tequila
    • Lime juice
    • Sprite
  • Beer

My roommates and I loved Tequila so we always had this one laying around making The Gaucho a household favorite. We would always make Tequila with Sprite cocktails all of the time until one night when a game of Kings Cup forced our friend Lindsey to drink a mixture of tequila, Sprite, lime juice and beer- and it was actually really good. Combine ingredient amounts based on preference.


No one actually knows what a Gaucho is btw..

The Thunderdome

    • Bloody Mary mix
    • Sprite  
  • Beer

This is kind of your typical Michelada but with a kick. We had some Sprite that we had to drink up before it went flat so one day we added it into our home made Michelada’s. It adds a little carbonation and sweetness to it making it a little less tomato based. Combine ingredient amounts based on preference.


I’ll give you $100 if you can find me in this pic..

SO for all of the cheap beer drinkers out there, here is your chance to be a little classy for once. Whether it is to impress that pretty girl you just met, or you are the pretty girl who hates cheap beer and wants to mix it with something to make it taste less worse- I have you covered 🙂 Drink responsibly!

Cheers xx


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